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Water Ski Lakes with BioNova® Technology
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Man-made water ski parks have become a popular investment in recent years. The costs for building a water skip park are straightforward and the yearly profit is very lucrative. The basic idea of the cable ways for these kinds of facilities is very simple. It is similar to a chair lift at an alpine ski mountain. An electric motor moves a cable which is mounted overhead in a large circle around the lake. The handles are mounted to the cable, and riders enjoy a true water skiing experience as they are towed around the lake. At the center of the facility might be a restaurant, a shop, or a big terrace. The starting area is placed near the center so other guests can sit down and watch the wake boarders and water skiers. But sometimes there's no existing lake where these cable ways can be installed - and that's where BioNova® comes into play. The BioNova® experts equip man-made lakes with their proprietary biological water treatment technology. To bring these projects to reality, Rainer Grafinger works in cooperation with the German company Rixen Seilbahnen from Dachau (near Munich), which is the world's number one in building such facilities. The BioNova® Team provides support for Rixen Seilbahnen and, if needed, also supervises the construction. The facilities are typically sealed with synthetic liners. Maintaining water quality in these man-made lakes can be challenging. Especially in warmer climate zones, there's not enough oxygenation capacity to keep the water clear and free from algae. Until now, most of the operators of man-made lakes used chemicals in case of "emergency". It wasn’t long before BioNova® experts were able to convince the first of the operators that it is better and also more efficient to treat the water biologically rather than use harmful chemicals. Currently there are several water ski lakes with BioNova® biological water treatment technology being planned planning around the world. With the support of BioNova® a 35,000 square meter facility is under construction in the Philippines at the moment. The work there will be finished in April 2013. This will be the first man-made water ski lake in the world with fully biologically treated water - the first water ski lake with clear and stable water quality without the use of chemicals. More about hip-notics
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