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Possibilities of BioNova®  Natural Swimming Pools
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A NSP with a Hot Tub BioNova® Partner Oliver Egli of Switzerland built a very special NSP that also includes a hot tub! The NSP is located right in front of the house’s terrace. It is separated into 4 areas. There is a rectangular concrete basin for swimming, a regeneration zone decorated with boulders and river gravel, a small hot tub, and one additional regeneration zone which is completely separate from the NSP. It takes only one hour to heat the water in the hot tub up to 34° C C (93.2° F). When the water is not in use it flows over into the swimming area and warms the water there. Theoretically, the NSP can be used nearly the whole year long. The separate regeneration zone is adorned with diverse water plants so it looks like a small ornamental garden pond.(Pictures: www.egligartenbau.com) Autumn Time – Sauna Time! Now that the temperatures are falling and the days are getting shorter, it’s sauna time again! When it’s cold and drizzly outside, the sauna is the perfect place to sit, relax, and enjoy the heat. The warm steam loosens muscles, and it’s scientifically proven that the body produces more endorphins in the sauna. Your body experiences a feeling of well-being, just like it does when you are eating chocolate orexercising. Taking a sauna makes you feel good and helps to relax your mind. Last but not least, a regular visit to the sauna also strengthens your body’s immune system and helps you avoid colds. The heat also enlarges the pores in your skin will absorb nutrients better. Women like to use this added benefit and apply special moisturizing masks on their hair or face when they go to the sauna. You can also assume that when your pores are enlarged your skin absorbs chemicals and pollutants better, so in our opinion a biologically cleaned NSP is much better for your body than a chemically treated swimming pool. BioNova® Partner Werner Hocke has built such a biological wellness facility and sauna at a private garden in Herold, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The core of the garden is the BioNova® NSP. The rectangular swimming basin has a broad stairway at the entrance and is perfect for swimming and bathing during the summer. The regeneration zone flanks the swimming basin on two sides, and a separation wall prevents aquatic plants from growing into the swimming area. The small garden sauna is close to the NSP so the owners can refresh their bodies in the chemical-free water after sweating in the hot sauna. Additionally, the pool and sauna are complemented by an outdoor shower. Because of the natural stone wall, the owners can feel a sense of privacy when they use the NSP or lounge around their beautiful terrace. A large canopy ensures additional privacy and provides shade. In the evenings, the automated lighting system gives the space a cozy mood and also ensures safety and security around the NSP. The owners of this beautiful biological home sauna paradise are looking forward to autumn and to many enjoyable times in their sauna and BioNova® NSP! Converting a Chlorinated Swimming Pool to NSP BioNova® not only offers its customers design, planning, and construction services for new Natural Swimming Pools, we also have the ability to convert an existing chemically -treated swimming pool into a 100% biologically filtered system. We want to illustrate how this can be done by providing an example of a BioNova® conversion project in Sète, France. The 55 sq m (592 sq ft) concrete swimming basin is lined with tiles, and this area was preserved during the conversion. Much of the plumbing was also kept the same and was modified in places to accommodate the BioNova® fine filter. A 45 sq m (484 sq ft) regeneration zone was constructed in a separate basin 2 m (6.5 ft) below the water level in the swimming area. This NSP has now been in operation for several years, and the owner stated that the water quality is unbeatable! However, he commented that the NSP does need a bit more care than a traditional chemically- treated swimming pool. Like a terrestrial garden, the plants in the regeneration zone require attention. Twice a year, in autumn and spring, the water garden should go through a “clean sweep” where plants are pruned, weeds eradicated, and debris removed. Also, the tiles and the grout in the pool must be brushed from time to time to prevent the formation of deposits.
Switzerland, built by Oliver Egli Switzerland, built by Oliver Egli View on the Regeneration Area
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