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Photo gallery - BioNova® hotel, camping, wellness
These are only some of our worldwide projects. Just click at them to enlarge!
Newsletter Our Partners 2011, Swimming Area: 418 qm, Ornamental Pool: 437 qm, Regeneration area: 600 qm 2010; Water Surface: 365 qm / 235 qm; Regeneration Area: 275 qm / 175 qm 2009; Swimming Area: 442 qm; Regeneration Area: 400 qm 2008; Swimming Area: 480 qm; Regeneration Area: 320 qm 2011; Swimming area: 180 qm; Regeneration Area: 150 qm 2008; Swimming Area: 200 qm; Regeneration Area: 180 qm 2007; Swiming Area: 300 qm; Regeneration Area: 185 qm 2007; Swimming Area: 200 qm; Regeneration Area: 160 qm 2007; Swimming Area: 76 qm; Regeneration Area: 32 qm 2006; Swimming Area: 60 qm; Regeneration Area: 60 qm & 100 qm Zierteich 2005; Swimming Area: 120 qm; Regeneration Area: 80 qm 2004; Water Surface: 220 qm; This NSP is heated! 2004; Water Surface: 200 qm Contact Brochure
The photo gallery is under construction at the moment. You’ll find more pictures of BioNova® Pools and Minipools soon.  Please visit our other photo galleries also: BioNova® NSPs BioNova® Pool & Minipool Biological cleaned public NSPs Ponds & Lakes
2012; Swimming Area: 75 qm
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