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October 22 - 25, 2013, Aquanale at Cologne (Germany) The great Aquanale International Trade Fair took place on October, 22-25, 2013 in Cologne, Germany. About 25,000 fairgoers attended this year's event! Rainer Grafinger, BioNova® Global CEO, displayed information about BioNova® Natural Swimming Pools at a booth on the show floor. The BioNova® booth received a lot of attention. Rainer Grafinger shared his knowledge with many interested homeowners as well as industry professionals from around the world who are interested in becoming new BioNova® Partners. Some of our existing BioNova® Partners also came to visit him at the booth. Our Partners from Russia, Belarus, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and two local German Partners stopped by. Rainer Grafinger is very happy with the four days at the Fair. He established many new contacts and he is sure that his attendance at this Fair will help to raise global awareness of BioNova® NSPs. March 2013, Fair at Kiev The Ukrainian BioNova® Partner Company Homepark presented information about BioNova® NSPs at a fair in Kiev, Ukraine at the end of March. This will be the third BioNova® NSP in the Ukraine, and even though it is currently under construction, natural swimming facilities are widely unknown over there. This is why attendance at fairs and trade shows is so important. It's a good opportunity to inform people about the advantages of all-natural swimming and bathing versus swimming in chemically sanitized water. March 2013, Horticulture at Belgrade, Serbia Saša Matoviç, manager of the Serbian BioNova® Partner Company Hidronova Plus, represented BioNova® at the Horticulture Fair in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a pioneer in his country, and we are sure he will succeed and delight his fellow countrymen with BioNova® NSPs.
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