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Nature and Technology - Our Experience, your advantage
Swimming in nature Whether you are swimming in a lake in the Alps  or in a properly planned swimming pool, the  only difference nowadays is in the quantity of  the water, not in the water quality. The natural  cleaning system for Bionova Pool systems is  working smoothly in over 500 systems from 50  to 9000 sq m water areas for over 15 years.  Water is cleaned in a purely biological way. How does the technology work? Materials such as leaves, pollen dust or suntan  lotion floating on the surface of the water are  removed from the system by a BioNova over  flow channel. The larger cut off edge of these  channels allows optimal drainage of the water  surface and slows down silting. In the downstream  BioNova bio fine filter additional fine parts are held back. The BioNova surface drainage in conjunction with the BioNova fine  filter ensures that peak loads are evened out and provides you with natural and clear water. Customised solutions for all regions world wide When planning your BioNova system, the regional and climatic conditions are catered for - it doesn't matter if you are in the  North of Germany or the South of Italy, in Great Britain or Australia, an individual swimming pool or biological pool solution  can be found for you, fitted with a biological filter and a range of plants that are suited to your region.
Shaft for fine filter
Overflow gutter
Gravel filter
Natural stones
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