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Frequently Asked Questions
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No matter where our customers are located around the world, there are some frequently asked questions that come up all the time! We have collected them here so you can read the answers from our BioNova® Experts. 
How is the water quality? We have been building BioNova® NSPs across Europe for over 20 years, and in recent years our biological filtration technology has spread to projects in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Among these projects are many public NSPs, some of which have more than 7,000 bathers per day in the summer! All of our NSPs comply with the strict German health and safety regulations and are tested on a regular basis. The practical experience, technical knowledge, and empirical evidence that we have collected over the years have helped us to optimize the BioNova® system and continue to provide water that is safe and healthy to swim in. This wealth of intellectual resources is shared by all of our BioNova® Partners around the world. How durable is the liner? The special liner we use is very durable and experts ensure a careful execution. There are many options available for creating a water-tight pool vessel. Ask you BioNova® Partner for help in selecting an appropriate material for your location. Can we have fish in the NSP? No, although fish would love to live there. Fish consume beneficial microbes and put an undesirable biological load on the system. For those reasons fish are not permitted in a BioNova® NSP. What about mosquitoes? The water in an NSP is always moving, and mosquitoes prefer to breed only in stagnant water. Also, NSPs attract dragonflies which are natural predators of mosquitoes in all stages of maturity. Read more about this topic: Summer Time - Time for Gnats? What about the water temperature? The sun heats up the water in the shallow water zones very quickly. It is also possible to heat the NSP with a conventional heater or a solar thermal collector. Ask your local BioNova® Partner for more details! What kind of maintenance is required? Some maintenance is the same as for a traditional, chemical pool. We need to periodically empty and clean skimmer baskets, empty and clean pump baskets, vacuum the pool and clean the filter. Water garden maintenance is also necessary. Removing debris and unwanted plants, trimming and fertilizing existing plants, and cutting them back at the end of the season are all part of the upkeep for an NSP. Read more about maintenance. Can I build a Natural Swimming Pool on my own? A Natural Swimming Pool is a balanced wetlands ecosystem based on the principles of limnology, hydraulics, hydroponics, and modern pool construction methods. Although you might be interested in building your own natural pond, for the end product to have the ecological stability to be a long term success, all of these principles must be carefully incorporated. It is therefore far more complex to design and build an NSP than it is to build a traditional, chemically-treated swimming pool. BioNova® recommends working with experienced professionals to build an NSP that provides optimal water clarity, quality, and bather enjoyment.
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