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Building Methods - BioNova® Eco
BioNova® is a brand that has been consistently developed since 1985 and which became a registered trade mark in 1992.The range of design variants now spans products from the Eco one-pot pond to the luxury pool with fully biological water purification. Depending on the planting requirements, personal wishes and costs framework, BioNova® can provide methods and technology components for the construction of swimming and bathing pools. Basically, BioNova® offers tried and tested filters and specially developed components and substrates for the planning and construction of swimming and bathing pools. BioNova® Eco Swimming and treatment zones are built into a single water basin - the "one-pot pond". Half of the pool is available for bathing and swimming. The other half is designed as a soil filter with aquatic plants. Skimmers that can be varied with the water level are incorporated to skim the surface of the water. From there, a pump draws off the pond water and distributes it in the regeneration zone. This is a very reasonably priced model for small gardens.    
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