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Natural experience bathing in Natural Swimming Pools  is an economical alternative to the growing pressure  from the costs associated with the rehabilitation and  on-going support of traditional, chemically-treated  outdoor swimming- pools.  In private residential swimming ponds, the predominate  method of building is to use the one-chamber design  which is where the swimming zone and regeneration  zone is combined in one body of water.  In commercial and public NSP's the system is divided  into separate bodies of water for the swimming and  regeneration zones. Typically the swimming zone is  completely free of all plants and the water is treated  purely in the regeneration zone.  The advantage of this multi-chamber design lies in the  increased efficiency of the regeneration zone due to  the addition of the hydraulics and technology in its  design. The first public natural swimming pool in Europe was built in Austria in 1990 for the community of Herzogsdorf in Upper Austria  by Gerhard Brandlmeier, the founder of BioNova Please visit our photo galery to see pictures of realized projects! Discover the other building methods: BioNova® Eco BioNova® Standard BioNova® Vario BioNova® Pool & Minipool Fully biological cleaned public NSPs Ponds & Lakes
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